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Urban Waste was part of the New York renaissance of hardcore punk in the early 1980's. Much more raw, visceral, and overtly confrontational than their New York punk predecessors, these boys were contemporaries to Reagan Youth (bass player Andy Apathy was an early member), the earliest incarnation of the Beastie Boys, and the Bad Brains.



Urban Waste ep

self titled EP

This reissue of Urban Waste's 1982 EP is eight-tracks of clamorous and cathartic noise-punk that in each song reaches the heights of Circle Jerks' "Live Fast, Die Young". While this has the same loose and dramatic appeal of other West Coast seminal punk acts as Germs and Weirdos, this is an early downtown NYC band. The hard-edged music leans toward hardcore, but is much too spastic and trebly to be pigeonholed into that genre. This is a re-issue of the sole EP by one of the most sought after and enigmatic bands from the earliest days of New York hardcore. Despite the obscurity of the original release, Urban Waste was made famous through their signature style of blown-out, over the top hardcore punk replete with trademark menacing buzzsaw guitars and piercing vocals. Roger of Agnostic Front has said of them; "Urban Waste is the band that got me into hardcore."


Urban Waste - Urban Waste

12" vinyl version available through MATW Records.


MP3 Samples

  • Public Opinion
    from the self titled E
  • If We Only Had Love
    Early Urban Waste song that was never captured on tape. This is from their November 10, 2002 reunion show at CBGB's with a reformed line-up.


  • Urban Waste at CBGB's February 1983

  • Urban Waste reunion at CBGB's November 10, 2002


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