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Sixteens is presently Kristen Louise and Veuve Pauli, with the occasional appearance of guest musicians, performance artists, photographers, projectionists. Originally based in San Francisco, in the last two years' energetic concentration they have become an international band with a support base in Spain, Italy, France, Germany, U.K., Poland, Holland, U.S.A., not to mention other countries where they have yet to project.

Their supporters span a broad range of the post punk musical spectrum. Electro, Deathrock, Synth punk/pop, Minimal electronic, Art damaged, Darkwave, Gothic, Bored E.B. Mers, early eighties casualties, and Indie rockers.

After touring Europe twice in the last year (2004-2005) they are now based in Berlin. Their music has the character of a nicely composed collage where one can see the jagged scissor marks along the edges of transposed magazine paper.



EYE13 Into the Gold Wave of Future Non-Rip Off

Into the Future...

Since their last record for Hungry Eye, the Fendi EP, Sixteens spent two years globe trotting with residencies in Barcelona, Berlin, and Oakland. As of two American tours (one opening for Blixa Bargeld and Savage Republic), and two more European tours across the continent, they've slimmed down to a two-piece and locked thesmelves in the studio to finish this long awaited follow up. With wailing synthesizers, throbbing disco beats, and dramatic vocals, they've managed to throw some color into the bleak cold-wave sound, like a riotous mixture of the Mute, Trax, and ZICKZACK Records catalogs.

Sixteens - Into the Gold Wave of Future Non Rip-Off!

EYE13 CD $12 ppd USA

EYE04 Fendi EP

sixteens fendi cd

Sixteens perform a serious dance floor exorcism. Treading the darker terrain of new wave, they blare out an art-damaged electro replete with minimalist beats and eerie analog synthesizers.

Sixteens - Fendi - EP

EYE04 CD $8


EYE04 12 INCH $8

split 10" with Lineas Albies

Sixteens split a record with what might be one of the best pairing with them out there: a similar-minded two-some of some trouble-makers from Spain who the Sixteens have shared to stage with a few times out in Europe. Each band has two songs; Sixteens include their cut For Rent, one of my personal favorites and a classic by now. Lineas Albies standout track is It's Fucking USA an intense, weirdo electro-jam. On some very nice looking yellow vinyl. Snag up a copy while you can because between here and the Sixteens' own copies there probably won't be many copies of this making it to these shores. Buy it from:

Buy it from the Hungry Eye store: $11 ppd US/ Can

split 12" with the Vanishing

Sixteens vanishing split

Sixteens split a 12" with their spiritual siblings the Vanishing. Recorded around the time of their Casio and Fendi records, Sixteens contribute two of the 4 songs that comprise this EP. Prime-material by 2 of the most exciting bands in San Francisco at the time. Buy at:, Amazon.

The Vanishing - Sixteens - EP


Sixteens Casio

The classic album by Sixteens on Cochon Records. Minimal synth punk drenched in feedback and rickety keyboard screeches. Buy it at: Amazon.

self titled LP

Sixteens st

The very first, self released album by Sixteens on their own This Starcraft imprint. Very rare recordings, written and recorded as a 3-piece with live drums. Buy it from: the band


MP3 samples


  • A Lesson in Letting Go
    live at the LiPo lounge April 2005 Courtesy of Kevin Brown

  • Sixteens at Knockout in San Francisco, CA 2007 by Kevin Brown


Reviews for Into the Gold Wave...

  • Nominated as best of 2007 by Kim's Underground, NYC
  • "Bay Area-based electronic/ synth/ dark/ coldwave duo The Sixteens have been one of my absolute favorite bands since their Casio album came out years ago on Cochon Records." Missingtoof blog
  • "With their primitive beats, discordant keyboards and raw rhythms Sixteens are a like an alien experiment involving anal probes, the back catalogue of Cabaret Voltaire, the feedback of The Jesus & Mary Chain and the preserved brain of Frank Tovey (Fad Gadget)." The Devil Has the Best Tuna blog
  • "Their sound combines a variety of aesthetics, from the cold, pulsing art-madness of Suicide, the dark wave and deathrock of the Skeletal Family, and a slew of minimal wave acts, many of which have been featured on this page in the past." Systems of Romance blog
  • "The Sixteens remain in the grey area, where you never know precisely where their pieces are going to fall, and that's what makes them exciting."
  • "Kristo Bal (a.k.a. Kristen Louise , a.k.a. Louise Gas) & Veuve Pauli (Aaron) still scorch as a dynamic ab-synth duo outta San Francisco!" KFJC radio

Reviews for Fendi EP

  • Aus dem selbigen Stall und auch Stadt (S.F.) stammen auch die Sixteens, die im Vergleich zu den Weegs noch eine Ecke roher sind, ohne weniger charmant oder morbide zu wirken. Ihr Stil, als "serious dance floor exorcism" beschrieben zermalmen die dunklere Seite von New Wave und schmettern so eine Art kunst-gesch�digten Lo-Fi Electronics zu drastisch minimalistischen Beats und unheimlichen analog Synthesizers. Alles ziemlich verhallt, ein bischen wie Cabaret Voltaire einmal, nur um eine verdrehte Disco lauter. Finde ich Klasse.
  • Fendi is a new EP from the Sixteens of San Francisco. Stretching electronic music not to its limits, but deconstructing it down to its furnace-like grinding foundations, the Sixteens make primitive electropunk, pounding those synthesizers and modulators like jackhammers. If the Sex Pistols took the overproduced commercial arena rock of the 70s and created its antithesis by stripping it down to its foundations and erasing all that over perfection, I'd say the Sixteens do the same to the redundant techno/trance EBM bands of today... The music is brooding, droning frequencies with stark rhythms spiking the horizon. The minimalistic drumbeat gives it movement. It carries it like a sixteen wheeler over nighttime freeways in 4/4 time - otherwise the synthesizers would just be shooting malicious, ambient sounds off into space.